LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Four nurses returning home to Little Rock after spending three weeks working in New York for a true heroes welcome at the airport.

The plane carrying the nurses drove under a water cannon salute.​

“We had no idea that really anyone would be here,” said Miranda Hays, Nurse at Children’s Hospital, “for them to tell us they were honoring us that way was really special.”​

Miranda Hays is one of the nurses from the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, who spent the last three weeks working at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.​

“I just didn’t know how things were going to be and when I would be able to come home,” said Hays.​

Hays said she was looking forward to the moment when she finally got to see and hug her husband and mom.​

“I’ve definitely been counting down the days until I come back home so it was really good to finally see them,” said Hays.​

“I did hug her anyway, now I’m going home and decontaminate but I couldn’t resist, I couldn’t help it,” said Lisa Chambliss, Mother of Miranda Hays.​

Hays’s mom, Lisa Chambliss said she was worried the entire time her daughter was in New York but she’s also very proud.​

“I was proud that she would give herself and maybe her life to go help others,” said Chambliss.​

The nurses now have to self-quarantine before returning back to work.​

“I’m very thankful that I’m home, I’m healthy and I’m back with my family,” said Hays.​

According to the airport, more nurses will be returning home to Little Rock Friday and Saturday.