NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The North Little Rock Parks and Recreation Committee has voted to end its contract with the Arkansas Tennis Association.

Upon realization that the voting would be taking place, Arkansas Tennis Association reached out asking for more time “to allow the committee to gather the appropriate intelligence before the Commission votes.” 

The voting took place on September 19th, it was five to one for termination of the agreement. The agreement will end in August of 2023. 

Arkansas tennis players are concerned that their favorite courts won’t be the same without the management and upkeep from the Arkansas Tennis Association.

Local tennis player, Rebecca Barr, said her hope is whoever runs it will keep it the same. 

The Arkansas Tennis Association has been a part of Burns Park Tennis Center for nearly 20 years. Mike Terrell, President-Elect of ATA Board of Directors, said it disappointed them not to be invited to be a part of the discussions and negotiations of the agreement. 

The Arkansas Tennis Association is interested in reconsideration.

At this time, there is no further information on who will be taking over in August if that is not applicable.