LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – North Little Rock is opening additional areas of Burns Park as it continues to recover from the March 31 tornadoes.

The city announced Friday that additional areas of the park have been opened. The Friday announcement came two weeks after the city initially opened portions of the park to the public.

According to city officials, multi-use paved and unpaved trails in the park are now open, except for the green trail east of the RV Park and south of Arlene Laman Drive. No vehicles are being allowed in these areas.

Trail access is allowed from the equestrian parking area on Joe K. Ponch Road just south of Interstate 40.

The River Trail restroom at Victory Lake between the soccer complex and the golf course is also now open.

Officials said the archery range, BMX track, and RV areas remain closed, as is the soccer complex. Arlene Laman Drive and Joe K. Poch Road to the south of I-40 are also closed.

Burns Park map

According to officials, the soccer complex is expected to be open in the next two weeks, with Arlene Laman Drive projected to open in early 2024. 

Most of the 1,700-acre park had been closed since the March 31 tornadoes, which destroyed an estimated 10,000 trees in the park and caused damage to structures.