LITTLE ROCK, Ark – The North Little Rock mayor and city clerk’s offices are reminding residents that any door-to-door salesperson or peddler must have a license with the city.

The city has seen a recent increase in unlicensed door-to-door salespeople.

Jim Scott, revenue enforcement officer for the city clerk’s office, said the city has had a recent problem with unlicensed door-to-door salespeople, adding that the solicitors are usually college-age and often use high-pressure tactics.

“They target the elderly,” he said. “They tell homeowners ‘Oh, we’re licensed by the city’ and they’re not.”

Scott said if anyone has a seller at their door and they are not sure of the person’s credentials, to call 911. According to Scott, police had recently cited a pair in the city moving door-to-door selling solar panels.

“We’d like to get some calls on ‘em,” he added.

All callers should have the date and time of their interaction, as well as location and description of the person selling and what they were selling, if possible.

The mayor’s office stated that anyone working on a homeowner’s property must be licensed and insured. All selling door-to-door of products or services – like for lawn care, home alarm systems, tree trimming, pest control, solar panels and so forth – must have a North Little Rock issued privilege license, and the company the salesperson is representing must have a city business license.

A privilege license is good for 90 days in North Little Rock and will include a photo ID. Applicants with a license have been bonded at $1,000 and had a background check performed. The police chief is the final sign-off on all privilege license applications.