NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –The North Little Rock Christmas tree was lighting up the sky Tuesday night.

Many gathered to get into the holiday spirit, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like Christmas outside.

“Christmas is really exciting and I’m so excited to see the Christmas tree light up tonight,” Morganne Kosterman, who was enjoying the festivities, said.

After weeks of preparation putting up the tree, the wreaths, and the huge ornaments, the North Little Rock Christmas tree lit up the night, ringing in the Christmas spirit.

“We might not be ice skating around the tree, we will save that for February, but we are still going to have a really good time,” Deb Murphy, who was there with Morganne, said.

Even though flurries filled the crowd, the temperature outside didn’t really feel like winter.

“Not too much, but still the Christmas spirit is in the air, right? ” Morganne said.

As Morganne talked about her fabulous, festive outfit, she also took a sip of her peppermint hot cocoa.

“It reminds me of driving and looking at Christmas lights and walking around too,” she said.