NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The city of North Little Rock is hosting a public meeting Tuesday to talk about Park Hill area jump street improvements.

This was an opportunity for the public to get answers to any questions they have. More than 60 people showed up to hear the latest.

“We’re now at the point where we can really show what’s coming,” jumpstart program manager Robert Birch said.

Birch will give a formal presentation on the 30% plans and the process moving forward with Graver Engineering and Metroplan.

The process for the project started in 2012 when a group did a study about the walkability in Park Hill.

“The sidewalk is right up against the street,” resident Chris Dimon said.

According to Birch the area doesn’t currently give the safety that’s needed for residents in the area to walk the sidewalks.

He said the sidewalks are too close to the highway.

“It can be kind of scary,” resident Troy Gurganious said. “I mean its, your basically walking right almost in traffic.”

One person said the sidewalks are so bad that he changes the routes he walks.

“I find myself walking through the parking lots because the traffic is driving by so fast and so close to the sidewalk,” Dimon said.

In this plan they have proposed moving those sidewalks back, bricking and painting the crosswalks, and replacing the medians.

“I’m very much for anything that’s going to improve our neighborhood and make it better,” Dimon said.

Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDot) has to review the plans. City officials estimate the project will cost around $3 million.

“I think it’s going to be a good thing for the neighborhood,” Gurganious said.

They hope to break ground this summer.