LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The fight to find and keep police officers continues across the state, and, as of this week, the North Little Rock Police Department is getting a pay boost as a result.

Recruiter Joe Green said this is a $6,000 boost for officers, with entry level salaries alone jumping up to $48,000 a year.

“I think it’s going to have a huge impact,” Green said.

Green said the priority is not only bringing on more officers but keeping the ones they have.

“Retention is way more important in my eyes because you got to retain the well-trained officers you already have on staff,” Green said.

Green said the department currently has 17 vacancies.

“17 officers down has quite a tremendous impact on our ability to provide customer service to our citizens,” Green said.

As a result, officers are having to pull extra shifts in the meantime.

“I think that’s the reason that the city government and the department of leadership they understood that yes we’ve got to do what’s right on the front end but we have to take care of all the officers on the other side,” Green said.

These new increased salaries will go into effect come January.

Tuesday night, Little Rock City Board members discussed doing the same and increasing salary levels, but just for entry-level officers.

That is still on the table for the city of Little Rock, and they will be voting on the salary increase in two weeks.