NORFORK, Ark. — The Norfork School District continues to mourn the lost of their beloved high school principal, Bobby D Hulse.

He was principal for four decades. After speaking with the district we are learning more about him.

Norfork Superintendent, Chip Layne said it’s hard to explain how much this man meant to everyone but he just had a way about him that was uncommon.

“He was well known for all the right reason,” Layne said.

On Wednesday, cell phone video shows a sea of blue to honor Hulse, at the schools basketball game.

“He’s a education legend, you know but he’s a legendary man for our not only Norfork school district but just for a lot of people everywhere,” Layne said.

Hulse died Tuesday morning at the age of 76, after his battle with COVID-19.

His impact was reflected in the color blue worn to represent Hulse’s favorite team, the Dodgers. They also had his initials on the players jerseys, the away team and fans wearing blue and a moment of silence.

Hulse was the principal for Norfork High School for 41 years.

“Obviously the longevity part but he’s been good the whole time for the community and for the school,” Layne said.

Layne said Hulse has been working in education for more than 50 years. He’s from the southern part of Arkansas and went to college at Henderson State.

“He sent a lot of students from Norfork to Henderson State University over the years because he cared and loved that place,” Layne said. “But he settled here 41 years ago and embraced it.”

After about 20 years with the district — the school’s gymnasium mirrors his name to pay tribute.

“That honor was long before tragedy struck like when something like that may generally happen, when someone names something after someone,” Layne said. “That’s another tribute to just what he meant to the place.”

The funeral for Hulse will be helped Sunday at 2 p.m. at the school’s gymnasium.

Layne said they plan to do a lot more to honor him in the future.