NLR pastor, speakers unifying community through prayer, songs and messages

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Across the river in North Little Rock, a local pastor and several speakers took a break from the protest across our state and country to unify the community through prayer, songs, and powerful messages.

Rev. Eric Crowder-Jones says in the past few weeks several people have asked him what can he do in North Little Rock to represent and talk about some of the issues our country is facing.

So many people got together to worship and praise. They also gave a special tribute to a North Little Rock man who had a special connection to George Floyd.

“I believe that we all should pause and to just invite God in the situation,” said Rev. Crowder-Jones.

Rev. Crowder-Jones used his voice.

“We’ve always been free to speak, but now we are in the moment to our voices being heard peacefully,” said Rev. Crowder-Jones.

He spoke to several people at Another Chance Church in North Little Rock on Wednesday.

There were several speakers and singers who all wanted to bridge the gap in the community.

“We has our upcoming mayor, we had a few judges that stopped by because we have a negative aspect when we look at them and they have a negative when they look at us but when you come down to it all of us have problems it’s not just a black and white thing it’s a total injustice no matter who you are,” said Rev. Crowder-Jones.

“If we just hold our peace and let the Lord fight our battle,” said Yvonne Lawrence Lee.

Lee lost her son KJ Lawrence three years ago. He died after a medical call in the Pulaski County Jail.

“It’s just hard to grasp. It’s been rough,” said Lee.

She says today was all about praise. Her son KJ had a special connection to George Floyd.

“KJ lived in Houston at a point of time of his life and while there he and George played basketball together. Community basketball adult league and while he was there he joined a church, which was the Foutain of Praise, a church George was a member of,” said Lee.

Both KJ Lawrence and George Floyd were victims of police injustice, something Miss Yvonne says needs to change.

At today’s event, there were also volunteers making sure people were registered to vote. The church also provided food and water.

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