ALMA, Ark. — It’s been nearly 26 years since Morgan Nick went missing from an Alma ballpark, but police have released new details about a central focus of their investigation.

A recent documentary was partially released in Northwest Arkansas that highlights the case of Morgan Nick.

“Morgan is not a story or an idea to us she’s my daughter. And she’s not a documentary to entertain people, she’s a little girl,” said Colleen Nick, Mother of Morgan.

Alma police called it a roller coaster for them also, especially when leads don’t pan out.

But the documentary that came out has released an important detail that authorities want to bring back to the center of the investigation.

“We believe by eyewitness statements that the abductor drove a red truck with a white camper. the one we have a picture of is from the ballpark and the owner of that one has never been identified,” Alma Police said.

Colleen said she wanted to throw up when she actually saw the truck that may have taken Morgan.

“I’ve always known there’s a red truck with a white camper involved, I think everyone always knew that. But having an actual photograph of that truck it really changes things because now it’s not just a fake notion of a red truck with a white camper, we know what it looks like,” Colleen said.

Police said even if witnesses didn’t see the truck at the ballpark, they’re hoping it will jog memories of seeing it all over Alma.

Investigators have gotten several leads following the release of the documentary, only part of which was aired in Northwest Arkansas, but Chief Pointer says the departments roller coaster is trending upward right now.

“I guess the atmosphere in the office this morning was good, obviously were generating leads and we’ve gotten a great response,” Pointer said.

Colleen believes someone knows who owned that truck and asked that they let them know who.

Alma Police said if anyone has any information in regards to that red truck with the white camper to either give them a call or call the National Center for Missing and Exploited children.