LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Twice a year, every Arkansan changes their clocks to follow daylight saving time but soon that could be a thing of the past.

Right now, lawmakers in the Capital city are talking about adopting a new bill and it’s picking up steam.

“It does effect a lot of people,” said Ryan Alverson, Lives in Little Rock.

State Representative Johnny Rye presenting a bill that would have Arkansans on Daylight Saving Time permanently.

Some people are all for it.

“I’m kind of a person who likes to do things after work so it would be nice to have an extra hour of daylight especially when the days are short,” said Alverson.

Ryan Alverson lives in Little Rock with his family. He said he’s all for not changing the clocks again.

“Especially with kids, when it changes, they don’t care whether it’s daylight-saving time or not, they’re still going to want to be up or they are still going to be sleepy,” said Alverson.

This isn’t the first time Arkansas has talked about making this change. In 2019, the state adopted a resolution for permanent Daylight-Saving Time.

The main difference is this bill would make it a law. Last week, we spoke with Representative Johnny Rye, who is sponsoring this change.

“The people in this state want this ok. Now we’re going to work it through committee, we’re going to change things around a little bit, but people are tired of two different time frames,” said State Representative Johnny Rye.

Part of the bill states Arkansas would not make the switch unless surrounding states also adopt the change. Which was a concern that was heavily talked about.

“If it was a national thing, I think it would be a lot easier,” said Alverson.

As of Monday, the bill passed out of the state agencies and government affairs committee. It now heads to the full house for a vote.