LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Neighbors and volunteers have been working tirelessly to clear the area in west Little Rock. Some progress has been made, as the streets are clear, but limbs and debris still line the roads.

People have been coming from across the state to donate water, food, personal items and even a helping hand.

Mark Patterson, who’s been volunteering since Saturday morning, brought his own equipment to chop down trees and clear debris, along with cases of water, and this morning he brought donuts for the crews working.

“It’s sad but it’s heartwarming because you see all the help,” Patterson said. “You feel sad for the people, but you look and there are just so many kindhearted people. You know, people care.”

Patterson has also reached out to his friends and family to get them out to volunteer.

The volunteers have been trying to get the trees off all the homes and cover the roofs with tarps ahead of the next round of storms.

If you are interested in helping those affected, or if you need assistance, visit