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Mountainburg's Dairy Dream Reopens After Tornado

MOUNTAINBURG, Ark. -- It's been more than two months since an EF-2 tornado swept through Mountainburg, damaging 160 structures and leaving 2,000 people without power.

One local business is opening its doors once again after it was directly hit by the twister.

"It's a slow progress," said Ron Stout, Owner of Dairy Dream. "I lost part of the roof, my sign that was on top, the front awning the back awning and it's done quite a bit of damage."


Dairy Dream is back up and running.

"Everybody that comes through says glad we're open, glad we're open, glad you're open. Yeah, people were getting tired of waiting"

Dairy Dream has been in Mountainburg since 1952. It has a lot of history behind it and that's why people from all over Arkansas say they were happy to see it open once again.

"We were driving through and we saw that it was open and we were so excited," said Celia Torres, Jonesboro resident.

Torres made the trek, just for a vanilla ice cream cone.

"We would all pile out and get ice cream we'd be so excited and we'd go on -- so this have been our favorite place to come since I was five," Torres said.

But Dairy Dream is not yet complete.

"I still want to try and get a sign put it back on top and that's my next priority project to get one put back on top to get it looking like it did originally," Stout said.

A sign to show this community may still look like a work in progress, but it's the people who make it complete.

"The tornado may have changed the terrain and trees and houses over, but you can't take the heart of the people, it will never change them."

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