Mount Ida woman’s remains found two years after disappearing

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ark. – In April of 2018 a women from Mount Ida was reported missing.

The family of Wanda Gills became worried and several law enforcement agencies started a search to find her.

For two years multiple agencies across the state spent countless days and hours looking for 54-year-old Wanda Gill. Her remains were found in a wooded area in Scott County. The Montgomery County Sheriff says it was a tough case, but now her family has closure.

“She had a very good employee history she worked at banks prior to moving here with her husband Joe and was employed at the time at a local grocery store,” said Sheriff David White of Montgomery County.

The 54-year-old disappeared two years ago in Mount Ida.

“Her employer had called me wanting to do a welfare check and told me this was on May 23 that Wanda had not been seen or heard from since April 26,” said Sheriff White.

Since then multiple agencies started looking for Wanda. Sheriff White spoke to her husband Joe in May of 2018 at a campground where the couple lived.

“At that time he said that they got into an altercation didn’t know where she was didn’t have any contact, didn’t have a phone, couldn’t tell me where she may be or anything like that,” said Sheriff White.

On July 6 Gill was reported missing, but something else came up in the case.

“I found out that her vehicle had been renewed the tags had been renewed,” said Sheriff White.

A few days later, Wanda’s Toyota RAV4 was spotted at a farm nearly 200 miles away in Desha County. Authorities tracked down the car and Wanda’s husband and son at a Chicot County motel.

Sheriff White said before they could speak to Joe he shot himself in the bathroom.

“When that happened I felt like that was it I would probably have never found her I would be lucky because I felt like he was the only one that could tell me where she was at,” said Sheriff White.

Sheriff White was determined to continue his search. Looking through every record.

“We looked at phone data I forwarded it to the FBI they assisted me,” said Sheriff White.

Fast forward two years later and Wanda’s remains were found in a woody area in Scott County.

“I was it’s mixed emotions your happy it’s over, your happy you got her located but at the same time your sad at the ending,” said Sheriff White.

And while Wanda Gill may be gone Sheriff White said her husband had something to do with her disappearance, but that Answer still remains a mystery.

“I believe that he did kill Wanda. I don’t know if we will ever know how it happened,” said Sheriff White. “This has been probably the toughest case I’ve ever worked.”

The Sheriff tells us they are working to close this case and the family is making arrangements for Wanda Gill.

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