MORRILTON, Ark. – Playland is opening their doors yet again to the public, after a 13-year closure. 

The City bought the old ally and turned it into what it is now. Morrilton Mayor, Allen Lipsmeyer, calls it “an act of love.” 

“We step out of the box here in Morrilton, we do things different than anybody else,” Lipsmeyer said. 

The facility is complete with a ten-lane bowling area, a skating rink, an arcade, and a cafe. 

We talked to a few children today who were excited about the facility. Stormy and Elijah both said their favorite thing about skating is “going really fast.”

Playland is family friendly. Due to the city owning it, no alcohol or tobacco is allowed on the premises. 

A mother, Payton Meade, said “there’s not a lot of things to do with kids around here and If there is there’s alcohol like an arcade with alcohol in it, so we’re really excited.” 

While today is the first day to roll on in and cross your fingers for a strike at the pins, Saturday will be the official grand opening day with a celebration, and ribbon cutting. 

Playland is open daily Sunday through Thursday, the hours are 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. Friday and Saturday nights – they are open a little later, closing at 11 P.M.