More Arkansas universities accepting ACT ‘Superscores’

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BENTON, Ark. — Seniors in high school wanting to go into college face a handful of stressors. One of them is the ACT.

Some things have changed to take a little pressure off those students. It’s called ACT Superscoring.
Superscoring has actually been around for a while, but now more Arkansas universities are accepting them.

It’s meant for kids who have taken the ACT multiple times. You take the best subscore of each test you’ve taken and average them together.

Benton High School counselor Allyson Pitts breaks it down.

“So you might have scored really well in math on one exam and really well on English on another exam and you average those together to create a Superscore,” Pitts said.

Benton high school seniors Gracie and Katharine both took the ACT twice. They say Superscoring takes off a little pressure.

“It allows students who aren’t the best at test-taking to achieve their goals,” said Gracie Finley.

“You could just combine those two scores and have a better chance at getting into the college you want to get into and that’s what everyone wants,” said Katharine Crowe.

This concept is gaining momentum among colleges in Arkansas.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock recently changed its policy to allow for Superscores.
“We’re now saying if you have a 19 ACT composite or Superscore,” said UARL Director of Admissions Chelsea Ward.

Their hope, they say, is not just admitting students.  

“One of the benefits of us as an admissions office taking the Superscore means that our merit-based scholarships are also gonna take the Superscore,” Ward said.

Thus, making more students eligible for those awards.

This is something future UCA bear Gracie found to her advantage.

“I was able to pull some of my scores from my freshmen year and some of my scores from my senior year to get a good score and be able to get academic scholarships from UCA,” Finley said.

Now some say Superscoring isn’t fair, but Pitts says the practice has been proven fair and valid.

“ACT has also done some research to show that a Superscore is actually more predictive of student success in college that a composite score,” Pitts said.

Making Superscoring a win-win for both students and universities.

Along with UALR and UCA, Arkansas State University has also recently allowed for Superscores.

Not all colleges do this, so it’s best to check with your high school counselor or the university you want to go to make sure they Superscore the ACT.

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