LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –  On Friday, some people in midtown Little Rock captured the moment they heard the sound of loud booms early in the morning waking them up and wondering what happened.

Jeffery Williams said he heard one loud boom around 6 a.m. and was able to capture the sound on his security cameras.

“This was very loud and sounded like a transformer blowing up right next to you,” he said.

Williams noted that the noise woke him and his neighbors up. After a minute, he said he heard two more loud booms.

“When I pulled back our outdoor video cameras you could hear it clear as day I mean 3 big booms,” said Williams.

He said he went on social media where he saw more people in his neighborhood talking about it and went to see if he could find out more.

“I went to the police app to see if they said something there you know, the Little Rock app and nothing there,” Wiliams said.

When asked if they were aware of the issue, officials with the Little Rock Police Department said that officers were “conducting an operation with our federal partners.”

In a statement, officials with the FBI Little Rock office said they were not involved with the activity but instead said it was officers with the LRPD who were “conducting Little Rock activity based on Little Rock warrants.”

Williams said if the noises were going to be as loud as they were, the public should have been notified.

“I think they should let us know if they’re going to do something that is that loud,” he said.

Authorities noted there was not any threat to the public.