GOULD, Ark. – Despite heavy rain stopping days ago, the subsequent rush of water is still impacting people living in Gould and other parts of Lincoln County.

Residents hope more is done to prevent massive flooding, which has been a problem over recent months.

Annette Everett lives in Gould after moving to town last week.

“Gould is my home, and I came back here to do some work,” Everett said. “I’m going to stay, but I just have to find a place.”

Thursday evening, Everett was still moving furniture and items out of her home, which was filled with sitting water that had gone just below her knees at its highest point.

“There’s nowhere for the water to go,” Everett said. “I’m from Gould, born and raised. I’ve never seen this before in my life.”

Everett’s story is not unique in Gould. Others said they had just put in new carpeting after June 2022 flooding, only to find their possessions ruined again after heavy rains this week.

“You can’t do anything with Mother Nature,” Janet Coleman, who had to spend the night at a hotel after the water took over her home said. “That’s the Lord’s will, and it’s going to happen again, so we’re going to be standing out here again.”

Coleman said many of the city’s drainage pipes are clogged, and the city should work to clear them. Others said a nearby canal should be fixed so it does not overflow into neighborhoods.

“For years, we’ve been vocal about this canal going all the way around the town,” Sam King, who has lived in Gould for seven decades said. “This will flood over into town.”

Everett said she will move again despite just settling into her home. She said she is staying at a local church until she determines what to do next.

“If it rains again, it may happen again,” Everett said. “Why would I come back?”