Mid-South woman hopes social media will help find mother’s long lost wedding dress

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – A Mid-South woman is making a plea she hopes will go viral in order to find a precious family heirloom.

Estelle Curtis’ post has already been seen by thousands. She knows it’s a long shot, but on social media anything is possible.

“This is definitely a favorite picture of mine,” Curtis says as she looks at a picture of her mother wearing a wedding dress. “It’s simple but it shows all the different parts.”

Curtis has thought about her wedding day since she was a little girl. Even before she had a ring she had a vision of the day.

“I have definitely done the whole Pinterest thing,” she said.

Still, there’s one missing piece — her mother’s wedding dress.

“I have always wanted to know where her dress ended up ever since my grandmother told me the story of her giving it away at a dry cleaner,” said Curtis.

It’s a story that started more than 20 years ago at a Memphis dry cleaner. Which one? Curtis doesn’t know. But she hopes social media can help.

“While she was in line at the cleaners to drop it off, she started talking to the lady behind her who told her that she was getting married soon but couldn’t afford a dress,” Curtis remembered. “My grandmother, holding the dress in her arms, gave the dress to the lady.”

She isn’t quite sure were this happened all those years ago but guesses it was in the Mendenhall, Winchester and South Perkins area.

“But as I have gotten older, I have always wondered where the dress has ended up,” she said.

Curtis lost her mother at a very young age.

“When I was 4 years old she passed away from a heart attack and it was a very sudden thing,” said Curtis.

The unexpected loss left her with few memories of her mother.

“I remember she wore glasses and had curly hair,” said Curtis. “But I definitely remember her love of music.”

Photos help keep her memory alive. As Curtis grew up, pictures of her mother on her wedding day have become some of her favorite.

“I would love to find the dress just to have it for sentimental reasons but maybe one day some how incorporate it into my future dress,” she said.

It’s a dress worn on likely one of the happiest days of Estelle’s mother’s life. She hopes it was a feeling shared by the woman who wore that dress next.

“It was poofy and had lots going on, but I noticed that it had some pretty lace on there and the dress that i envisioned for my dream wedding has lace in it,” said Curtis.

It’s a feeling she too hopes to feel one day, wearing part of her mother’s dress.

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