MAYFLOWER, Ark. – Every parent trusts that when they send their kids to school, they’ll be safe.

One Mayflower family had that dream shattered after they say their son had to be airlifted to the hospital moments after another student beat him on school property.

When 17-year-old Moss Edmond headed to school Monday morning, he had no idea he would end the day at Arkansas Children’s Hospital laying in the ICU with a skull fracture.

His dad says it’s the work of bullies who have been targeting the teen for months, but he claims nothing was done about the cruelty until it was too late.

Joshua Edmond says when he received the phone call that Moss was soon to be airlifted to the hospital, he rushed to the school not knowing what went wrong.

“I just went into panic mode,” Joshua said. “When I got there, the helicopter was already there, the ambulance was already there, everyone was already there. How long did they wait to call me?”

He said Moss had been a victim of this student before. Info, he says, the school was aware of.

Mayflower School Superintendent Andy Chism says although the two students may have interacted, he wasn’t aware of any reports.

Chism says the school is calling the incident a ‘Physical Altercation” that stemmed from a “Disagreement between students”. They’re looking into the fight but couldn’t reveal if either teen was facing suspension or worse.

He added that the school is following protocol and that everyone is concerned for Moss.

The brutal beating sent the small city of Mayflower into shock, with community pages being overrun with parents and neighbors posting their own stories of bullying and fights at the school. Many questioned how something like this could have happened and if there was anything that could be done to stop it.

There was further confusion after the school posted a Facebook alert saying an off-campus incident sent the campus into lockdown. Many parents believed this was moss being airlifted and spoke against calling it “Off-Campus”, but Chism explained there were actually two incidents, the student-involved fight that wasn’t posted on Facebook due to minors being involved, and an off-campus incident involving an adult with a weapon that Mayflower police are looking into.

Joshua says Moss is now awake and working to heal so he can go home. He says he remembers leaving for school that morning, but nothing else until he woke up in the ICU.

Edmond now is focused on justice, saying he wants the students to be held accountable as well as the school for allowing this to happen. He says he’s considering pressing charges.

“I don’t want another parent to have to go through this,” He explained.

Mayflower police have confirmed the incident is under investigation and officers took a report Monday morning.