LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas set a record high 2 weeks ago for gas prices at $4.54 per gallon.

Thursday, according to AAA, the average price in the state is $4.41 per gallon. 

Even with the prices trickling down a few cents in Arkansas, some people are making changes to accommodate, and Becky Mitchum is one of them. 

Mitchum has gone from her 4-wheel car to her 3-wheel recumbent bike as transportation to work. 

She says she got it for health reasons but as the gas prices went up had to make a change.

Now, all she needs is 2 clicks to get to work.  One clicks to strap on her helmet and one to release the breaks to take her bike aptly named “Yellow” for a spin.

Mitchum lives near Lake Willastein in Maumelle and works 2 miles away at the Friendship Lab School, formally known as Hannah School.

She says her bike ride to work takes about 25 minutes. 

“I’m really lucky I can bike to work.”

Mitchum says biking to work not only saves pennies but also made her ask herself…”why do I drive everywhere.”

“Even though it’s such a short distance I think what’s going to make the difference of where else you can bike.”

She says Thursday morning she biked to the post office before work and the only reason she hasn’t biked to the grocery store is because of possible theft. 

“It just seems silly to live so close and drive.”

“It changes your attitude on a beautiful day to ride through a shaded path on your way to work. It just sets things right.”

But safety is key. Mitchum says it took her a while to figure out the safest route to get to work. She encourages all not to rush the process.

She also says to be visible on the road. She wears an orange neon helmet and has two yellow flags on her bike.

Mitchum says she hasn’t crunched the number yet to know exactly how much she’s saving at the pump by biking to work, but she is. And as we all know, every penny counts.