Massage therapist turned baker, helping people in need

Local News

POPE COUNTY, Ark.- A massage therapist put out of work after the government shut down all salons, is now looking to help people in a different way.

​”It’s been some emotional time dealing with all of it,” said Alice Crow, massage therapist turned baker, “I thought what could I do to possibly help while we are in our little quarantine the social distancing we are having so I’ve made bread.”​

​Instead of massaging backs, Alice Crow is kneading dough, but she’s not selling it.​

​”I had to try to find an outlet to be able to do something where I feel like I can still help people,” said Crow.​

​Crow said she had to find something to keep herself busy so she found her new bread and butter, baking.​

​”I knew there was a shortage of bread but I was just looking through the cabinet and thought, you know I have these items and I can actually make some bread,” said Crow.​

​Crow and her 10-year-old pastry chef Dalton, aren’t making just bread.​

​They are also cooking butter, apple butter and cookies.​

​”For loaves of bread we did six last night,  we have two mini loaves going right now along with a regular size loaf and we’re just getting started,” said Crow.​

​Their plans are not to sell the goodies to make a profit, instead, they are donating all of it.​

​The duo plans on continuing to drop the items off at the blessing box in Hector, which is in Pope County.​

​”A lot of people are out of work and maybe they don’t have the funds that are needed to go buy everything else and if they can go pick that up then that will definitely bless them hopefully,” said Crow.​

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