LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Mayor Frank Scott, Junior and the City of Little Rock hosted a Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Service on Sunday at Second Baptist Church in Downtown Little Rock.

Pastor, Doctor Preston Clegg, welcomed the city, and all the attendees into his church, calling it the “Lord’s House”.

The event had the Negro National Anthem, words of inspiration, and several prayers. Various religious leaders were in attendance to give the prayers of remembrance, thanks, unity, and future.

Musical selections from the church, as well as Philander Smith College choir were also a part of the service.

The Prayer of Remembrance was to remember the face behind the holiday and the sacrifices made – but it also had several attendees remembering what all we should be doing as a community to be better, and more unified.

“I think one of the main things we can do is just practice being kind to one another” Jasmine Mansko, an attendee, said.

Sitting in the pew listening to more than ten people speak on the life and legacy of Dr. King – got her thinking.

She said “just being reminded of his fight for equality, and justice, and civil rights and how we need to implement those things today.”

City officials, church members, and attendees – all coming together as one unit in a fight for unity.

Mayor Frank Scott, Junior took the stage for a few moments of reflection.

“We must reflect that God is the author of time,” Scott said. “And we live in chronological time, so when he says it’s time – it’s right on time.”

Symbolizing that there is no better time than now to become a society that says we see you, and we hear you.

Speaking with attendees over the “now” – and hearing we as a city are on our way to the Promised Land, but are not all the way there yet.

Durwin Lairy, an attendee, told us “Unity, service, and justice…and those are the actions we need to take in today’s society.

Lairy told us there’s one word that comes to his mind when he hears the name Martin Luther King, Junior – and that word is silence.

“The complacent silence that we face in today’s society – we need people to speak up for those voiceless, and give hope to the hopeless” he said.

Living in the USA, means living in the land of the free, but how free is it, when it’s not equal for you, or me?

“All of Little Rock…black, white, brown – commit to unity. You see, unity is not a nice word – it’s a determined word” Mayor Scott, said.