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Man Uses Doorbell Technology to Share Alerts About Neighborhood Crime

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Since the video doorbells came out a few years ago, it's made the business of identifying suspects a lot easier.

One Little Rock man has been using a different feature to keep his neighborhood aware of what's going on. 

"I'd say I'm probably more active than most, but I try not to be obnoxious," says Carson Campbell about his frequent use of the Nextdoor app.

Campbell says since he got his video doorbell last Christmas, he's had a lot more to share with his neighbors.

"I have the Ring app for my video doorbell and one thing it has is a community feature," says Campbell.  "It sends me notifications of police activity."

Aside from allowing the homeowner to answer the door and interact with whoever is there even when they aren't home, the technology has other features. 

Ring says it partners with networks that composite real time crime and safety incidents to send out hyper local alerts. 

A recent alert caused Campbell to alert his neighbors.

"We always have a random burglary or something around here, more than I'd like," says Campbell.  "But because we had three in a row it seems like possibly they're casing the neighborhood and working the area."

Police say the technology allows them to identify suspects, connect crimes and even respond quicker.

"A lot of times I hear calls go out where the homeowner is at work and calls and says my doorbell app shows somebody's at my door," says Officer Steve Moore with the Little Rock Police Department.

Campbell says it helps keep him in the know so he can take action if something does happen.

"Unfortunately no camera system prevents a crime," says Campbell.  "It only tells a story after it's happened."

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