SHERWOOD, Ark. – Shots were fired inside the CHI St. Vincent hospital in Sherwood Wednesday morning creating a horrific nightmare for many.

The incident resulted in one man being killed.  Officials say the victim and potential shooter, who’s in the custody of Sherwood PD, knew each other.

At around 11 a.m., the person of interest, 24-year-old Raymond Lovett was arrested at Zimmerman’s Exxon on South University Avenue by Little Rock Police. 

Following the shooting, an evacuation of the hospital took place. 

Loved ones embrace outside after panic occurred inside.

Jason Caldwell was on the second floor in the waiting room while his father was in surgery when he said he heard “active shooter. 4th floor, ” on the intercom. 

Sherwood Police say the shooter walked into Chi St. Vincent hospital and opened fire at about 10 a.m.

Officials say Leighton Whitfield was visiting a patient when he was targeted and killed. 

Lovett was charged with capital murder and aggravated assault Wednesday night.

Chris Gatewood and his family arrived at the hospital at around 1 p.m. after the shooting took place.

“We saw a lot of people in the parking lot, and we knew right away something was different,” he says as he described the scene from his point of view. 

Gatewood was unaware a shooting had happened until going inside and asking about the commotion in the parking lot. 

“I couldn’t believe it. You always hear about this stuff happening on the news but close to home like that…that’s not something they are ready for,” he said. 

Weekly his dad visits CHI St Vincent for physical therapy after suffering a recent stroke.

After what happened Wednesday, Gatewood is a bit uneasy about going back for his father’s future appointments, saying “it does put me on edge a little bit.”