Man takes crowbar to Benton business, steals U-Haul truck

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BENTON, Ark.—Benton Police are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance video stealing from a business.

The owner of David’s Auto Sales U-Haul off I-30 Frontage Road, says it happened early Wednesday morning.

“I’ve been here 20 something years and ain’t seen nothing like this,” said owner David Brewer.

A man can be seen on Brewer’s surveillance video scouting out the business for a few minutes and then taking a crow bar to the key drop box.

According to Brewer, the man stole the drop off box containing five U-Haul keys. The suspect was later captured on his surveillance video driving away in one of the U-Haul trucks.

“Customers have reservations for this truck tomorrow and I don’t have a truck to cover them,” said Brewer. “It’s upsetting when you work 7 days a week and lose trucks and keys and boxes.”

Brewer says business just started picking up after a slow year due to the pandemic. However, now he is missing a truck and four keys left to the remaining trucks on the lot.

“It’s a serious loss to my business,” said Brewer.

Brewer says he has a message for the individual who stole the truck and caused damage to the front of his business.

“Please stop what it is you’re doing. If you need a job come here and I’ll give you one but don’t be stealing from people like this,” said Brewer.

Benton Police say if caught, the suspect faces a Theft of Property charge, as well as Breaking and Entering.

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