LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A man shot over the weekend at a Little Rock apartment complex was identified as the father of a reality television star.

Ronald Dunlap, 49, is the father of Cassadee Dunlap, who starred in the second season of “Cheer.” A police report showed he was shot several times after going into the wrong apartment early Saturday morning.

A family member said Ronald Dunlap thought it was his apartment, but he actually lived in a different building.

Police said Joshua Womack shot Ronald Dunlap several times. Womack said he was asleep and heard knocking on the door shortly after 3 a.m., but then the situation escalated.

“I heard a big, loud thud through the front door,” Womack said. “The door was actually knocked off the hinges. With that, he ended up bum-rushing it. It wasn’t like an accidental walk-in.”

Womack said he is temporarily living elsewhere while the scene is being investigated. 

Ronald Dunlap’s family member said he is now stable and expected to survive.