Man rescued from burning truck

Local News

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- Just moments before a truck became fully engulfed, Matthew Giberson watched a man drive it into a Kroger parking lot in Hot Springs.

“After about two seconds of him not getting out I realized he didn’t know what was going on,” says Giberson.

He and another fast-acting good Samaritan quickly got him out of the truck.

“By the time he got to here and we got him out, flames were already coming out the bottom and there was smoke in the cab,” says Giberson.

The driver of the burning truck told firefighters he had just filled the tank with gas, so for a while, there was nothing they could do but let it burn.

It’s not clear what started the blaze, but Giberson says the man was dragging something underneath the truck.

“It looked like a mattress,” says Giberson. “It was either a mattress or a pile of brush. I don’t know how long he’d been dragging it but long enough for the whole thing to be completely engulfed in flames, by the time he got here.”

Less than 24 hours later, the only reminder of the terrifying situation is an angry charred mark in the parking lot.

Thankfully, the man and his dog who were pulled from the truck were not hurt.

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