Man Injured, Truck Hit After I-30 Pizza Accident

January 01 2022 12:00 am
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock driver says he suffered injuries after a pizza truck “lost its load” on the interstate.
We’re learning more about a crash that spilled hundreds of pizzas on the interstate Wednesday. A driver says he was directly hit when the semi hit a support column on the overpass.
He was driving what’s called a medium duty freight liner. He says he saw the semi truck on the opposite side of the interstate hit the bridge, and the next thing he knew, his windshield was hit with debris. 
Crews were cleaning hundreds of pizzas after a semi-truck accident caused a major spill on Interstate 30 Wednesday. 
“I didn’t want to be in a wreck and get hit by pizzas that exploded out a diesel,” said Darren Moore. 
Moore now has several scrapes on his face after being injured in the accident. He says it all happened right in front of his eyes. 
“I noticed the trailer started to roll, by that time it happened, I had no where to go,” said Moore. 
He was driving a Pods truck. He says he saw debris coming at him not knowing it was frozen pizza. It’s still stuck in the grill of his truck and pizza boxes behind the cab. 
“When I finally pulled over about 300 yards down the road, the windshield was on top of me and there was pizza stacked up from the floor to almost the ceiling of my work truck,” said Moore. 
That’s when he realized what exactly hit him. He posted a photo of himself on social media. 
‘Freak accident is what it was,” said Moore. “There was Digiorno pizza and there was chicken poppers stuffed all over my truck.” 
He says at the scene, an ambulance took him to the hospital. He’s sore, but resting up at home. What happened to him Wednesday is something he did not expect. 
“Everyday I see a wreck on most of the major highways in central Arkansas. I didn’t ever think I would get hit by a load, of a trailer, full of pizzas out of a diesel,” said Moore. 
It was odd what hit him, but he’s just glad he’s still here. 
Wednesday, the the Arkansas Department of Transportation said there wasn’t any injuries. 
Thursday they clarified that there weren’t any injuries right at the site of the accident. They were unaware of Darren’s accident because he stopped further down the interstate. 

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