Quake Lewellyn, 28, was arressted in connection to the death of Sydney Sutherland.

Lewellyn is scheduled to have a first appearance Monday, August 24 in the Jackson County Circuit Court before judge 3rd Judicial District Circuit Judge Harold Erwin.


JACKSON COUNTY, Ark.– The Jackson County community is mourning the loss of Sydney Sutherland, whose body was found Friday afternoon.

A source familiar with the case confirms Quake Lewellyn, 28, is being held on suspicion of capital murder.

Authorities say Sutherland went for a jog near her home Wednesday afternoon and never returned. 

We talked to people in the area who knew both Sutherland and Lewellyn and say they were shocked to hear the news. 

“It’s just crazy,” said Dominique Wagner who attended Tuckerman High with Sutherland. 

The search for Sutherland ended Friday afternoon when investigators in Jackson County recovered Sutherland’s body “north of her residence.”

“I’m glad they found her so they didn’t have to go through months and months of worrying about what happened to her and where she went,” said Wagner. 

Volunteers who searched for Sydney tell us approximately 170 people from the community showed up to look for her on Thursday. 

Wagner says she has fond memories of Sutherland in school.

“She was really loved. Everybody knew her, everybody,” Wagner recalled.

While many knew Sutherland, those in the area say they also knew Quake Lewellyn, the man being held on suspicion of capital murder in connection to Sutherland’s death.  

“Never would have thought anything like this would happen with him, he was a nice guy,” said Zack Jackson, who also went to school with Sutherland. 

In a press conference Friday afternoon, Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas, told reporters that Lewellyn was a farmer and was familiar with Sutherland. 

“That was her usual jogger route, they say. For the farmer to know her, I guess they’ve seen her everyday walking that route, so that’s crazy,” said Wagner. 

With an investigation that is far from over, Wagner says she hopes the Sutherland family knows the impact Sydney had on Jackson County. 

“I’m sorry for them and I hope they get through it,” said Wagner.