Magnet Cove rookie volunteer firefighter creates meaningful art out of old fire hose

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MAGNET COVE, Ark. — A rookie firefighter in the Magnet Cove Volunteer Fire Department in Malvern is a jack of all trades.

A gift he made in his off time now hangs on the wall at the station, reminding the department why they serve and giving them hope for the future generation of firefighters.

Inside the humble building of the Magnet Cove Volunteer Fire Department, you’ll find just as humble rookie firefighter 19-year-old Zach Wacaster.

He’s a man of few words, but what Wacaster has done for the department, speaks volumes.

“I just wanted to make something cool for the station,” Wacaster said.

Wacaster spent weeks turning an old fire hose that was destined for the trash can into a work of art.

It’s something Chief Brian Billings calls inspiring.

 “It humbled me,” Chief Billings said. “It brought me back to when I first started. It really, truly is spectacular to have somebody that has that much talent.”

The “91” marking on the hose stands for the year it was made. Now, this Old Glory created by the hands of someone who wasn’t even alive then, immortalizes the department and the community’s history.

“You know, dragging this thing through whatever it might have been through, whether it was a house fire, a grass fire, a number of different types of incidents it may have seen over the years,” Chief Billings said.

Wacaster doesn’t talk much, but he doesn’t have to.

“To build something that truly represents what our men and women have fought and died for over the last several hundred years really truly is inspiring,” Chief Billings said.

The gift Wacaster gave for his brothers and sisters in service to others makes others in the department truly grateful.

“It almost brings a tear to their eyes because they see how much work that went into it,” Chief Billings said.

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