Mackrell murder trial in sentencing phase

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CONWAY, Ark. — The trial for Tacori Mackrell moves to stage 2 Friday. The jury found Mackrell guilty on all charges, including capital murder Thursday.

Mackrell is one of then accused teens of kidnapping and murdering 72-year-old Elvia Fragstein. The incident happened back in July 2018, when Fragstein went missing and was later found dead.

Friday the jury listened to testimony ahead of his sentencing. It was an emotional day in court, as Helmut Fragstein, the husband of Elvia took the stand first.

Mr. Fragstein started off talking about how he met Elvia in Spain. We learned more about her and how she is originally from Columbia and he is from Germany.

The 82-year-old’s eyes full of tears as he explained some of the photos as their relationship began and they fell in love. Fragstein  went into detail about how violent things were growing up for both him and Elvia and that they migrated to the U.S. because it seemed like the safest place in the world.

After getting married both of them had chances to leave but Fragstein said they loved it and later decided to move to Arkansas for the warm weather.

As Mr. Fragstein went into more details about who Elvia was, his eyes were full of tears, he shouted out about her at moments. He described some of her happiest moments, from becoming a U.S. citizen to spending time with her kids and grandchildren.

He said his wife loved to shop and go buy gifts for them, she shopped so much that she even made friends around town who begin to love her.

Then a close friend Luz Newman shared her connection with Elvia. She went on to say losing Elvia was like losing an arm or a leg.

Newman described Elvia as an honest, loving and caring friend, and said she was almost like a mother.

Some of Elvia’s grandchildren and her daughter also took the stand and explain how her murder impacted their lives.

The defense then started their testimonies, they had people in the community talk about what they saw happen in Mackrell’s life and his relationship with his mother and father.

The testimony will continue next Tuesday.

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