LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock School District is under a cyber-attack, and now the school board is working to negotiate payment options to resolve the issues with the hackers.

Parents received a notification last week after Little Rock School District was under cyber-attack.

“This is a horrible, horrible, horrible situation,” Little Rock Superintendent, Dr. Jemal Wright said.

“The protection is not just data we are talking about, but it’s the people whose data it belongs too and the families and individuals,” said LRSD Board President, Greg Adams.

The attack was initially detected on Nov. 11.

“It’s concerning that it’s so easy for somebody to you know hijack a network like that and you know or any business or institution,” said parent with kids in Little Rock School District, Craig Boes.

After LRSD held a private meeting Nov. 21, they informed the public Monday night of their plans to get the data back.

“To authorize the superintendent to the settlement agreement with the most favorable terms that would end the current network incident,” Adams said.

Craig Boes has three kids in the Little Rock School District, and his main concern is what information the hacker has about his kids.

“Whether it be names, addresses, social security numbers, you know I wondered, do I need to you know be concerned with credit reporting on my kids now,” Boes said.

Six LRSD board members voted to move forward with the negotiation of paying the hacker $250,000 to end the attack.

“If we do nothing, we are putting in danger all of these kids, all of these parents because we can’t make a decision,” board member Evelyn Hemphill-Calloway said.

While three voted against it.

“I just cannot support paying criminals,” said board member Norma Johnson.

KARK 4 News did reach out to the FBI about this data breach, and they said because they are still in the beginning stages of the investigation, they are not going to make a comment.