LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) — A Little Rock School District bus was shot Wednesday morning. The driver and lone student on board walked away unharmed, but parents are concerned about their kids’ safety amid several gun violence incidents in the city.

The bus was shot shortly before noon near Asher and Brown, police said.

“At this time, we do not believe the bus was the target,” said Lt. Van Watson in a press conference following the incident. “Our detectives are investigating. At this time, we have no one in custody.”

This comes less than two weeks after Chloe Alexander, 7, was murdered while on a trip to the zoo. Police said the man charged in the case was targeting someone else in the car.

“We want to make sure all children are safe,” Watson said.

Dr. Jeff Hood is a father of five, and his children are in the Little Rock School District. He said people in the community are quick to normalize shootings as a part of everyday life in Central Arkansas.

“I refuse to act like a school bus getting shot up is normal,” Hood said.

Hood said community leaders need to begin discussing simple gun-reform measures because other endeavors have not worked. 

“Why are so many community leaders sitting at home even right now and not doing something?” Hood said.

Hood said seeing the bus incident was just the latest example of how gun violence has started creeping into every aspect of many people’s lives. He said he thinks more shootings will happen until people decide changes are necessary.

“Sending your kids to school should not be a journey that could take their lives,” Hood said.