LRSD launches Virtual Fridays for the rest of the school year, parents react

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —  The Little Rock School District has officially started its virtual learning Fridays. The one day of the week there will be no in person instruction.

“The teachers are still reporting, all staff members are still reporting to the building, it’s still an instructional day,” LRSD Deputy Superintendent for Academics, Dr. Jeremy Owoh said.

The School District has moved to virtual Fridays. There’s some mixed feelings about this change from parents. 

The district said based on a survey they conducted with the community they decided to move forward with the ideas and Friday was the most feasible for everyone.

The district initially started early release on Wednesday’s in October of 2020, to give teachers more time for planning and students time for doing work.

“We realized that our teachers and students needed more time, more than two and a half hours during the week,” Owoh said.

Mom of three, Whitney Abernathy is excited about the change.

“I feel like this was the greatest thing that happened,” Abernathy said. “This is the perfect time for them to catch up versus putting more or new material out.”

Not everyone is on board. Some people we talked to didn’t want to be on camera. KARK received emails from some parents who are upset with the decision.

One parent saying “No one is learn anything. Half the time we can’t get the Chrome books to work or event long in.”

Another references their son, writing “He doesn’t like not being there on Friday in person because he says he has a hard time doing the work on the computer.”

In the meantime Abernathy said she understands there are some challenges with virtual learning, but she’s hopeful this change will be a positive one.

“So far so good, but this is just the first week so we’ll see,” Abernathy said.

The district said students can still ride the bus for breakfast and lunch if needed. They also have places for students to go to do virtual learning if they can’t stay at home.

School officials encourage anyone with concerns to contact their principals directly.

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