LRAFB chapel uses coffee truck to connect with airmen

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A coffee truck making the rounds at Little Rock Air Force Base offers airmen free java, with a side of care and compassion.

The Little Rock Air Force Base chapel has rolled out a new way to reach airmen.

19 AW Deputy Chaplain Maj. Jeremy Caudill is the brains behind this roasting rig — free brew in exchange for a human connection.

“So, when there is a crisis when something’s going on in their life, they can go, ‘Oh, I remember that guy or gal who was out there with me, giving me a cup of coffee,'” said Maj. Caudill.

Caudill said chaplain outreach in the Air Force is more common now than it used to be.

“So that they don’t have to come to us, necessarily, for care,” Maj. Caudill said. “We’re actually going out to them.”

Providing more than just a Sunday service, the chapel also offers confidential counseling.
And this coffee conduit is helping airmen get the help they need.

“It’s not coincidental that we’ll come out and do an event and you know, we’ll get some calls the next day or even the day of, so I think it’s working,” Maj. Caudill said.

It’s not a preaching truck or a mobile church service.

“This is just connections, building relationships and showing them we have a human heart,” Maj. Caudill said.

A latte for a laugh, a redeye for a relationship, a pour-over with the power to protect the souls of those who protect all of us.

Maj. Caudill said they also offer retreats for married couples and deployed families, as well as hosting date nights and luncheons. Maj. Caudill said airmen and families of all faiths can use these services.

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