Louisiana family evacuates to Arkansas to avoid Hurricane Ida

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CONWAY, Ar. — A Louisiana family left their home behind as they evacuated to Arkansas ahead of Hurricane Ida.

The family made it into Central Arkansas Saturday and now they wait to hear what’s left of their neighborhood. Monday they are sharing their story.

The family of four said they are glad they were able to leave ahead of the storm. The mother said on a normal day of rain she has about two feet of water outside her home. Now emotions are high as they look for a place to stay until they can make it back home.

“This hurricane, this one was scary enough from the path it went,” Victoria Courteaux said, “And from the mile per hour winds comparing it to Katrina, we knew it was going to be bad.”

As Courteaux and her family look at devasting videos on her phone of her hometown, she gets emotional.

“It’s not going to be there when I get back, I’m trying to be positive but I’m scared,” Courteaux said, “We just got everything and started over so many times.”

Courteaux and her family are from St. Bernard Parish, which is about 8 miles outside of New Orleans. Her family left town Saturday and said it took 13 hours to get to Conway.

She said they tried to avoid the traffic and drive a different way. It’s their first time here in Arkansas, she said she just knew she had to get out and drive North.

“We wanted to get as closest as we can with a room available and a price range under one hundred bucks for at least a night to get through the storm,” Courteaux said.

They packed their car as quickly as possible, worried about what they are going to come home to.

“It’s depressing because we’re not sure if we’re going to have our stuff,” Courteaux said, “We just got a new house, we just repainted it, we just put new curtains up.”

They just bought their new home in June and were able to give their young daughter and son their own rooms. She said they’ve been through this before but haven’t had to evacuate since Hurricane Katrina.

They’re still waiting to hear from other friends and family, some of who decided to stay behind in Louisiana.

“We haven’t heard since the power, we know there’s a tornado that hit, it took the ferry that we use to get across the Mississippi River. We know that people are missing their roofs, there is some that are flooded,” Courteaux said.

As of Monday night, Courteaux said they are still unsure where they will stay until things are all clear for them to drive back home.

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