LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Clay Langston has been missing his daughter’s emotional support cat Tallulah for 3 weeks.

That nightmare shortly went away when who he thought was Little Rock Animal Village gave him a call saying someone dropped Tallulah off. Langston found out that the caller was a scammer.

“The man was really good at what he did,” Langston said.

Aaron Sadler, Communications Director for the City of Little Rock said that the scheme is not a new one.

“At least 3 individuals who have lost their pets have been contacted by cell phone, by instant message by someone who alleged they were from the Little Rock Animal Village,” Sadler said.

“It hurts a lot that someone would be so callus,” Langston stated.

According to Langston, the LRAV perpetrator claimed Tallulah had been hit by a car and the driver dropped her off. 

The caller said Tallulah has injured shoulders that required surgery. Langston was told he could pay for the surgery through Zelle and pick up his cat later. Langston agreed and sent the scammer $1,506.17.

Langston believes the scammer got his information from the Paw Boost Facebook page where people post about their lost animals.

“I just pray to God no one else has to go through this,” Langston stated.

“You are not going to be asked to pay any money whatsoever from the City of Little Rock or the Little Rock Animal Village on things like Cash App and Venmo,” Sadler said.

Sadler says if this happens it is absolutely a scam.

Langston added that the scammer continued to ask for money, saying the transaction didn’t go through and that the doctor would accept half for the trouble.

“At this point it’s not about the money. It’s about getting him. I want him off the street,” Langston said.

Sadler says if your animal is lost and it is microchipped, Little Rock Animal Village will reach out to you by phone, and you come to the clinic to positively identify yourself and then you will be reunited with your pet. 

“If there are any fees associated with that, you will pay the fees at the Little Rock Animal Village,” Sadler said.

Sadler adds that there are various numbers that can call you from the Little Rock Animal Village because of the volunteers they have, but it’s always best to double check by calling the clinic at 501-376-3067.

Little Rock Police are investigating this issue. If you receive a call claiming to be the Little Rock Animal Village, report it to the Major Crimes Division at 501-371-4660.