LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – We all could use a laugh after last month’s tornados and The Loony Bin Comedy Club in Little Rock is ready to give you one.

The comedy house sits in the Breckenridge Village, where nearly all the businesses took a beating.

After being hit by a tornado, Loony Bin general manager Wayne Iburg said he can’t believe they’re back up and running so quickly.

“When I tell you this whole ceiling breathed at one time and came back together. It was almost like the matrix,” Iburg said as he described the shake of the building as the twister came through.

The Loony Bin’s front door was shattered, and the ceiling was dismantled.

Iburg said he had comics in town the day the tornado hit and had to cancel, leading to thousands of dollars in refunds.  There were no shows at the Loony Bin from March 31 through April 26.

For the time being, Iburg hosted shows at South on Main in Little Rock while the Loony Bin was being repaired.

Iburg says he’s thankful to have been able to keep business running but he said there’s nothing like being home.

Iburg said he and his staff were doing everything they could to fix the damage so they could get back to providing much-needed laughs.

“Laughter is always a spot in ourselves where we can find real happiness just for a moment,” he said.

Iburg says the best way you can help as they continue to get back in the groove of things at the Loony Bin is simple, find a way to laugh.

If you chose to laugh at one of their shows, they have comics booked every day of the week except on Monday and Tuesday.