LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. – The Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook Monday evening to say they were contacted by the owner of three puppies thought to have been abandoned and found out that the pups are actually runaways.

The post went on to say that all three puppies have found their forever homes.

ORIGINAL STORY – Just one day after Christmas, Sheriff Staley said he received a call about puppies being abandoned in the rural part of the county.

According to deputies, although they were off duty, they went and got the puppies who had found their way under a storage building.

Officers said this is not an uncommon occurrence, with this being the second litter of puppies they’ve rescued, vetted and found approved homes for in the last couple of months. This doesn’t include the individual puppies that deputies or staff have rescued and taken care of on their own.

Until approved homes are found, the inmates involved in the Peers Achieving Collaborative Treatment (PACT) program will be taking care of the puppies, deputies said.