LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. – Just ahead of the memorial for Hunter Brittain on Tuesday, Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley took to Facebook to offer condolences and to call for peaceful actions during a difficult time.

In the statement, Sheriff Staley asked for continued peaceful protests while also saying he wants to see accountability and transparency for those in the community.

Brittain died from injuries he sustained after being shot by deputy Sergeant Michael Davis during a traffic stop. Attorneys for Brittain’s family claim the 17-year-old was unarmed during the stop but did have a bottle of antifreeze in his hand as he exited the vehicle.

Last week Sheriff Staley announced that Davis was fired because of a policy violation, noting that Davis did not turn on his body cam during the stop, only activating it after the shots were fired.

Arkansas State Police are still investigating with no word yet on possible charges stemming from the shooting.

The public memorial for Hunter Brittan will happen Tuesday, July 6 at Beebe High School starting at 12:30 p.m.