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SCOTT, Ark.- A charter school in the Natural State, growing new opportunities for students with their greenhouse.

“It’s really fun to do,” said Aaron Wiencek, Sophomore, “It really ties all the subjects together into one thing.”

Sophomore, Aaron Wiencek, has been planting flower, squash, and other seeds in the greenhouse since the program first started three years ago.

“I like just planting the plants and seeing them grow. It’s cool to see something you created, or you planted and see it grow to be something much bigger,” said Wiencek.

Scott Charter School is the only school in Arkansas offering an agriculture curriculum to all its students, kindergarten through tenth grade.

“We wanted something that they could apply what they learned in class,” said Kara Caines, Agriculture Teacher.

Kara Caines teaches the class. She said it quickly blossomed into a favorite subject for all the students.

“They ask daily, can we go outside? Is there anything we can do in the greenhouse? Can I run out there and water really quick? Can I go see what’s going on? So, this is a big hit with the students, they love it,” said Caines.

A lot has changed since the program first hatched.

“We have chickens and ducks and we are working on getting some goats,” said Caines.
Caines fostering green thumbs, all while sowing seeds for future farmers.

“It helps me really see what I like and what I would maybe want to do the rest of my life,” said Wiencek.

Caines said the school will be adding a few goats on campus soon.

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