GREENBRIER, Ark. — A Greenbrier woman reunites a Veteran with his missing U.S. military ring this Veterans Day.

“We were just going to the store to look at video games,” said Meghin Boggs. “Looked down and the gem caught my eye… it was a blue sparkle.”

The ring had a dent in it when Boggs found it, looking like it had been run over.

“Today is Veterans Day,” Boggs said. “I figured maybe someone was trying to put it on or wear it.”

Aaron Sisseck is a U.S. Army Veteran who said he lost his ring the morning of Veterans Day in Conway.

“It’s so sad because I probably ran my own ring over… I’m glad that no one stole it,” Sisseck said. “It like flung off.”

After Boggs found the ring, she took to Facebook, creating a post to try and find the owner.

Sisseck said he did not even notice the ring was not on his finger until his wife saw that post.

The couple quickly messaged Boggs and proved ownership of the ring to claim it.

“Everything that I ever got from the army I kept,” Sisseck said. The only thing that I ever had that I wore was my tags and my ring.”

Sisseck said the ring brings back memories from his time serving in the army, and he tries to focus on the good ones.

“I had it made just as a reminder of accomplishments,” he said. “You can have ribbons and you can have medals, but I’m not going to every day wear all those things.”

This is Sisseck’s first Veterans Day since retiring from the army in May after serving for five years.

“I broke my back really bad and hit the side of my head falling down a cliff,” he said.

Sisseck said he had to retire due to injuries.

He is taking the ring to a jeweler to try and get the dent in the ring fixed so he can wear it again. Sisseck said he is thankful Boggs not only found it, but also considered how important it would be to get it back to a Veteran on a day that honors their service.