Local doctor shares how to stock up smarter to help your mind and wallet

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus continue to impact us in many ways. 

This is evident in our everyday actions – everything from how we socialize to how we shop. 

However, Dr. Howard Turney, a licensed therapist at UA-Little Rock is explaining better ways of coping with these stressful emotions that could very well help both your mind and wallet. 

Dr. Turney says if you’re going to “buy in bulk” be tactical about what you buy and spend. 

The S and W Military Surplus and Tactical Gear in Jacksonville says there has been an increase in people buying ready-made meals.

“There is no need to purchase large quantities of toilet paper,” he says. “But if you’re going to buy large amounts of anything – think of other people too.” 

The S and W Military Surplus and Tactical Gear in Jacksonville say they have seen an increase in people buying ready-made meals. Some of the meals have a shelf life of 4 years. 

Turney says buying a few ready-made meals could, in fact, help ease the stressful anxiety brought on by current events. 

He recommends being smart while shopping and consider the reasons for your actions. 

“There is nothing wrong with having some ready-made meals regardless there are other things – types of tragedies and atrocities that happen in the world,” he adds. 

Dr. Turney says to avoid “panic-buying” large quantities of items because it’s’ neither good for your mind wallet. 

He suggests keeping a reasonable amount of various supplies for all kinds of emergencies. 

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