NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – This year marks 66 years since the Little Rock Nine desegregated Little Rock Central High School, and now their legacy will be told in a different way.

Spirit Tawfiq is the daughter of Little Rock Nine member, Minnijean Brown-Trickey and she is continuing their legacy by bringing her mom’s story to the stage.

“One-Ninth is the experience and an intimate look at the desegregation at Central High School of 1957 but specifically told through the eyes of an ordinary vivacious teenager, Minnijean Brown-Trickey,” Tawfiq said.

Tawfiq is the writer of the play, “One-Ninth.”

“History needs to be told. it’s an amazing script and it’s an amazing story,” actor Christopher Fulmer said.

Spirit said the play was birthed out of her theatre class at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and now it can come to life again at the Argenta Community Theater.

“An inside look as to what it was really like. So, the images are usually of the front of the school, the stories are from within the school, but they had to go home unprotected without soldiers surrounding their homes,” Tawfiq said. “So, the impact is had not only on the Little Rock Nine, but the entire family, community, and in essence the nation.”

Tyranni Hubbard is cast as Minnijean in the play, and she said this has really given her a better understanding of what happened.

“I am hoping that they will learn more about the story behind Minnijean, learn how she was an average 16-year-old girl who was just trying to make better opportunities for herself,” Hubbard said.

Tawfiq said she would sit next to her mom on the opening night of the show.

She also said all the pain from the story, she hopes will also bring harmony.

“I just see it as a healing and also a moment of reconciliation,” Tawfiq said.

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