Little Rock, Ark.- A Little Rock bakery now uses the sun to help power some of its operation.

Community Bakery on Main Street recently installed a number of solar panels on its roof.

“We installed solar panels on our roof and it really has had a huge impact on our electrical consumption anywhere from 15 to 20 percent,” explain John Brandenberger.

Brandenberger said daily costs are high to keep this type of business up and running. The solar panels gives them an extra way to cut costs. It even comes with a tax credit.

“We are seeing a lot of hip areas like SOMA and Argenta start to think about solar and you know some of these building are older and inefficient and some of ways to carve that out is with solar,” explained Seal Solar Co-Founder Josh Davenport.

Brandenberger said this is just a part of the bakery’s bigger push to be better neighbors and more “Go Green” focused.