LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Little Rock Zoo is one of the most adventurous places in the city and it had quite the adventure Wednesday afternoon.

Strong winds ripped through the park causing major damage. 

Zoo director, Susan Altrui says they are “going to need some money to repair some things.”

Severe weather blew several trees around the park. One tree landed and crushed a bathroom and fence along with another tree that crushed a fence. 

More damage consists of a hole in the top of the reptile building snapped railings barricades, and the shade cloth at the amphitheater and elephant exhibit torn. 

Also, a fence that was attached to the ground with metal bolts was pulled from the concrete and bent.

“It seems like the more we walk around we see even more damage,” said Altrui. 

The zoo will be closed Thursday to assess all the damage with hopes that only one day will be needed to do so. They plan to be open on Friday. 

Altrui says she has been in contact with the city and Mayor Frank Scott Jr. expressing the need for funds to make repairs. 

“We know we can count on our board and our Mayor for that kind of support.”

When the storm came through, Altrui says damages were the least of her worries. She was focused on lives. 

Thankfully, there were no injuries to any of the animals or staff members. 

Altrui says that is the bright side along with “animal furniture.” 

To make “animal furniture,” the zoo will cut trees into different things so the animals, like bears, will get something new to play with.