LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A woman in Little Rock is advising runners to keep an eye on their belongings have her car was broken into three times along the river trail.

Thursday, Lindsay Petruk left her car at home, biking almost 28 miles from her door down to the water at Two Rivers Bridge.

“I’m fearful to park down here,” Petruk said.

Monday, Petruk was finishing up a 10-mile run near the bridge when she says she noticed some glass reflecting on the pavement.

“A lady down the way had her window smashed and her stuff missing, and I immediately ran down to my car and saw that my window had also been smashed,” Petruk said.

She says her wallet and all the cards inside were stolen.

“My driver’s license, I have two debit card accounts, five credit cards, cash,” Petruk said.

Petruk says it was like reliving a bad dream. This had happened to her twice before and all within the last two months.

Petruk says her car was broken into December 6, January 2 and January 17. All three times she had parked near the trail before getting out for the run.

“It’s almost feeling like it was personal like I was being targeted,” Petruk said.

Petruk says her window was smashed in at every break-in and she says the thieves also tried to run her credit and debit cards.

“I think the bank told my wife they were going to have to start charging her for debit cards,” said Petruk’s husband Steve.

The Petruk’s have filed a police report for the incidents.

Lindsay says she’s hoping parking lot cameras from the final break-in can help in identifying the thieves. Until then, she’s reminding everyone to stay aware.

“Take stuff out of the car. The less stuff you have in the car, the less chance you have of being broken into,” Petruk said.