LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The National Wildlife Federation designated a Little Rock woman’s yard as a “Certified Wildlife Habitat.” This reflected her commitment to the animals, microorganisms and living beings on her property.

“You can do just a few things here and there to up what you’re doing and really, really do good things for the environment,” said Gwen Combs, who lives in Little Rock.

This week, Combs’ yard received the honor. Visitors can find bird feeders, baths, tomato plants, a pollinator garden, brush pile, beneficial flowers and other natural effects. Combs does not use pesticides or sprays. The certification checklist was more than eligible for the recognition.

“It was pretty easy,” Combs said. “We’re doing all the things that need to be done.”

To get this certification, one must create an environment that gives critters natural places to eat, drink, live and raise their young.

“It’s an opportunity for me to show that I have a commitment to the environment,” Combs said.

Combs’ interest in nature started early. She first majored in wildlife science before switching, but she said the lessons sunk in. She said when she first moved to Arkansas, she created a designation-worthy yard, and she wanted to do the same at her next home.

Combs said she hopes the honor, complete with a metal sign she stuck in her yard, inspires others living in Little Rock to make a space for wildlife.