Little Rock woman allegedly robbed at Crestwood Manor Apartments Thursday morning

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Officers with the Little Rock Police Department spoke with a woman who told officers she had been robbed around 10:30, Thursday morning at the Crestwood Manor Apartments.

Miranda Kirby, 25 told police that Jonathan Modlin, 23 responded to a Facebook post about selling her laptop to him. They agreed to meet at her apartment.

Kirby told police she did not know Modlin prior to their Facebook interaction. Kirby said Modlin and another unknown man came into her apartment, pushing her inside without her permission.

According to the police report, Kirby told police Modlin started to yell “where is my money?” and then told her that his “homeboy is right behind me and he is packin.” Kirby said Modlin was insinuating the man had a gun.

Kirby said Modlin then took the sim card from her phone. Kirby said she grabbed a baseball bat to defend herself, but Modlin took it from her and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and began shoving her around.

Kirby told police the men took her laptop, watches, a guitar, and knives before leaving the apartment. Kirby stated the men left in a red F150 truck with the LPN K8985. According to the police report, Kirby told the officer the two men might be involved with the gangster’s disciples or the “brotherhood”.

Kirby’s boyfriend told police he saw the two men leaving the apartments but was not there at the time of the robbery.

Kirby’s neighbor told police he saw the incident happened and said that Kirby was arguing with Modlin over money. He said one of the men showed him text messages and nude photos that were sent to him from Kirby. He also told police he saw the two men leave and they didn’t take any items.

Kirby told police she wasn’t hurt during the incident and refused medical attention.

This investigation is ongoing.

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